Neurology Clinical Consultation.

Dr. ȚECU CONSTANTIN Neurology Primary Physician.

Consultations and personalized treatments, supplementary clinical examinations and invesigations; adapting the lifestyle, medications and other types of treatments (modern, energetic, subtle) concerning the clinical remedy/cure; plan of clinical appointment; monitoring patients with chronic neurological diseases.
Monitorizarea pacienților neurologici cu boli cronice (boala Parkinson, Epilepsie, etc.).
Pentru ce afecțiuni vă puteți adresa?

The main affections you may ask for are:
- pain, headache, migraine,
- rachialgii, more frequent: low back pain, neck pain,
- eizures, faintings and syncopes,
- dizziness and vertigo,
- sight/vision disorders and disorders of the eyeballs,
- smell, taste and hearing disorders,
- paralyses, motility and walking disorders, impaired balance,
- numbness, paresthesia and loss of sensibility,
- acute confusional states, memory disorders, amnesia and dementia,
- coma and other consciousness disorders,
- syndromes caused by focal lesions: brain/spinal,
- speaking/ language disorders,
- sleeping and circadian rhythms disorders (24 h).
Care este durata unui consult de specilitate Neurologie?
A consultation lasts between 30-60 minutes
- The initial consultation costs: 100 lei;
- The control consultation costs: 50 lei;
- The infiltrative treatment of a neuralgia - starting with 100 Lei, including the administered medication.
- Monday-Wednesday-Friday: 9-11 (during school holidays: 9-13) and 15-19; - Tuesday and Thursday: 15-19.

Analyses with Quantum Bioresonance Magnetic Analyzer

practitioner of integrative medicine: conventional and quantic.
Competent in Classical Chinese Acupuncture, attested in Energy Medicine.

Testează 28 aparate, sisteme și organe
Măsoară într-un minut 600 parametri fizici calitativi ( calcemia, densitatea osoasă, colesterolemia, glicemia, controlul greutății, procentul de grăsimi raportat la greutatea corpului, etc ) și depistează alterările funcțiilor celulare
Care este durata unui set de analize complete?

Durata unei examinări (achiziției analizelor energetice): 1 minut
Durata prezentării / interpretării testelor și recomandărilor: 15 - 30 minute
TARIFE: Preţul unei examinări: 70 de lei.
- Luni – Miercuri – Vineri: 9-11 (în vacanţele şcolare: 9-13) şi 15-19;
- Marţi şi joi: 15-19.

Consultații Clinice de specialitate Pediatrie

Medic Primar de Specialitate Pediatrie, cu experiență clinică de peste 40 ani.

Consultații pediatrice complete
Recomandări de îngrijire, alimentație, nutriție a sugarului și copilului
Recomandări terapeutice
Care este durata unei consultații?

Durata unei consultații este de cca: 30 minute
Consultaţia iniţială - până la 30 de minute: 80 lei,
- peste 30 de minute: 100 lei
Consultaţia de control - până la 30 de minute: 40 lei
- peste 30 de minute: 50 lei
Marţi: 16-19
Joi: 16-18

Biorezonanță SCIO - Testare și Tratament

Practitioner of integrative medicine: conventional and quantic.
Competent in Classical Chinese Acupuncture, attested in Energy Medicine.

The bioenergetic evaluation of the whole body
The evalation of the efficient therapeutical products of the tested patient
Complex treatments concerning the functional correction of the existent energetic disorders
Prevention of illnesses
What can be determined?

- all energetic disorders at the level of every organ, reflecting the existence or the risk of a new affection,
- the loss or excess of: vitamines, minerals, carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids (cholesterol), enzymes, hormones,
- the testing of the vital organs of the body (heart, lungs, liver, stomach, pancreas, small intestine, large intestine, spleen, prostate, uterus, ovaries, kidneys as well as any other biological structure requested by the patient),
- the testing of the main peception organs (sight, hearing, smell),
- the presence of parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi and toxines,
- intolerances and allergies,
- the objective, personalized selection of the efficient medication.
What can be treated?
All affections of the body using computerized treatment programms with the specified time of each desease.
Care este durata unui dignostic / tratament cu aparatul SCIO?
The SCIO testing time is: 90 - 120 minutes
The SCIO treatment session time is: 2 hours
The treatment cure is: 6 - 14 hours
The tariff: SCIO testing/bioresonance treatment: 100 lei per hour.
- Monday-Wednesday-Friday: 9-11 (during school holidays: 9-13) and 15-19;
- Tuesday and Thursday: 15-19.

RIFE Therapy

Practicant al medicinii integrative: convențională și cuantică.
Competență în ACUPUNCTURĂ, atestat în BIOREZONANȚĂ.

Asistentă Medicală. Avasiloaie Hotea Anca
Licențiată a UMF Timișoara,
Specializarea Asistență Medicală Generală.

Folosește frecvențe rezonante specifice ce corespund ritmului biologic al organismului ( semnătura sa electromagnetică ) în profilaxia și refacerea stării de sănătate
Anihilează frecvențele microorganismelor patogene ( virusuri, bacterii, paraziți, fungi ) determinând distrugerea lor
Care este durata unui tratament RIFE?

Durata fiecărei ședințe de tratament RIFE este de: 2 ore
Cura: 12 ședințe, cu frecvență zilnică sau la 2 zile
Tarife terapia RIFE:
- întocmirea indexului terapeutic iniţial : 50 lei,
- fiecare şedintă de tratament de câte 2 ore: 50 lei
- Luni – Miercuri – Vineri: 9-11 (în vacanţele şcolare: 9-13) şi 15-19;
- Marţi şi joi: 15-19.

Ecografie Abdominală Pediatrică


Cât durează o ecografie abdominală pediatrică?
Durata unei consultații este de: 15 - 30 minute
- până la 30 de minute: 80 lei
- peste 30 de minute: 100 lei
Marţi: 16-19
Joi: 16-18

The 'Give-up Smoking' treatment with SCIO

Practitioner of integrative medicine: conventional and quantic.
Competent in Classical Chinese Acupuncture, attested in Energy Medicine.

Choose a confortable treament using SCIO bioresonance to give up smoking forever!
What are the consequences of SMOKING?

Smoking reduces the estimated life time from 8 to 20 years
Tabacco affects human body entirely, the noxious effect starting from the very moment of the contact with the smoke and going on for years
Smoking causes numerous affections from bad breath (halitosis) to cancer
There are more than 4000 of active chemical substances in the smoke determining fatal changes in the human body. Out of these, more than 300 are toxic and at least 43 chemical substances cause cancer..
The benefits of quitting smoking appear instantly and they are sustained in time:
- after 20 minutes, the heart rate and the blood pressure can normalize,
- after 12 hours, the carbon monoxide and nicotine levels in the blood get halved and the oxygen level gets to normal,
- după 48 de ore, nicotina este eliminată complet din organism,
- after 72 hours, the respiratory tree starts relaxing, allowing a better and easier breathing,
- între 2 săptămâni și 3 luni, circulația sângelui începe să se îmbunătățească,
- între 1 și 9 luni, tusea scade în intensitate,
- dupa 1 an riscul de boală coronariană (boala arterelor inimii) este redus la jumătate,
- după 5 ani, riscul de accident vascular cerebral (AVC) începe să scadă brusc,
- după 15 ani riscul bolii cardiace ischemice precum și al AVC este similar cu al nefumătorilor,
- after 10 years, the risk of a lung cancer is 30-50 % of the ones who continue to smoke.
Stopping smoking, irrespective of the age it takes place, increases the life hope opposite the ones who continue smoking ! Choose life !
Cât durează un tratament complet împotriva fumatului?
A treatment session is: 120 minutes
The hourly fee: 100 lei
- Monday-Wednesday-Friday: 9-11 (during the school holidays: 9-13) and 15-19;
- Tuesday and Thursday: 15-19.

Here are some of the most important treatment programms applied to our patients :

-The energetic meridian -acupuncture- therapy (no needles!). The patient's unconsciousness chooses the meridian and the classical Chinese acupuncture point to be treated as a priority;
-The complex treatment of stress using many programmes;
-The treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome;
-The treatment of the energetic detoxification;
-The treatment of the immunity deficiency with its percentage quantified improvement;
-The treatment of pain: headache, migraine, neuralgia, myalgia, arthralgia; the treatment of psychiatric pain;
-The antiinfectious treatment: fungi, parasites, bacteria, viruses;
-The treatment of allergies with the testing of the individual reactivity and displaying the rectification level;
-The treatment of sleep and vegetative disorders: palpitations, dizziness, respiratory distress, a lump in the throat feeling, tingling, numbness, excesive sweating, faint feeling etc;
-The treatment of very complex psychic disorders: the psycho - traumatic experiences, negative/ destructive emotions, anxiety, panic attack, depression, neuroses and psychoses;
-The treatment of behavioral disorders in children and adolescents;
-Increasing the learning and superlearning abilities;
-Melotherapy (music accompanies all programmes appropriately);
-Colour therapy, using 256 therapeutic colours acting on enzymes. Each colour acts beneficially and specifically on certain body organs;
-The focused treatment on each organ or functional systems, displaying the rectification of the energetic level,;
-A special anti-aging programme, on age groups, acting includingly on nucleic acids (DNA, RNA);
-A special programme for stabilizing the skin, focusing on skin rejuvenation (face lifting);
-Sacrotherapy using the most widespread religions in the world;
-Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) involves brain scanning. It acts on the neurotransmitting hormones for: opening the mind to treatment, stimulating the emotional increase, memory, intelligence, creativity, neuropeptides. NLP treats the mental factors and emotions. It corrects the subconscious reactivity, it dissipates karma. It makes a NLP individualized and group treatment;
-SCIO applies a specific male/female (hormonal and genital) treatment;
-The treatment of weight loss (fat excess reduction) and maintaining body weight;
-SCIO makes an antitumoral treatment, depending on the nature and type of the tumor;
-It treats the chakras (the 7 main energetic coordinatory centres of the physical, mental and spiritual activity ) linked to the endocrine glands;
-It achieves a "Feel Good therapy" consolidating wellness.
The energetic ANTISMOKING programme applies a confortable tobacco detoxification treatment and it ensures the giving up smoking conditions for the smokers who want this;
The SCIO Bioresonance device acts gently on our body, the stimulus being the very biological energy which it rebalances through the biofeedback mechanism.
The re-testing rhythm is once or twice per year and any time an alteration of the health state appears.
The treatment rhythm is usually a session per week, in severe cases - twice a week at he beginning; in extremely painful situations the appropriate treatment is applied three days consecutively and than the sessions get rare. The evident improving of the global bioenergetical health state, allows a maintenance treatment from 10 to 15 days; a series of treatment includes from 3 to 7, maximum 14 sessions

Choose life

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